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At some stage in your lifetime it is likely that you will need to deal with the administration of a deceased friend or relative’s Estate.  We provide sensitive and tailored expert advice in this complex and sometimes daunting area.

Whether you are an Executor, family member or the next of kin, we can provide you with practical guidance to help you deal with the administration. We will agree with you the extent to which you would like us to be involved, for example whether our involvement is to simply obtain the Grant of Probate (where there is a valid Will) or Letters of Administration (where there is no valid Will) or whether we assist you further in administering the entire Estate.

Is there a will?

How an Estate is administered depends on whether there is a valid Will. Having a Will usually makes things easier as the Estate will generally pass to the individuals, organisations or Trusts named in the Will as beneficiaries.  The Will also usually appoints Executors who have the authority to administer the Estate

In the event that there is no will

Where there is no valid Will the Intestacy Rules dictate who can administer and who will inherit the deceased’s Estate. The situation can be complicated and it is not always automatic that, for example, a surviving spouse or civil partner will inherit the entire Estate.

There is also a certain order of entitlement as to who can apply to the Probate Registry to obtain the requisite authority to administer the Estate. Therefore careful consideration of the Intestacy Rules and the family circumstances is always required.

Varying an estate

It is possible to vary the entitlements from an Estate where it is desirable for the terms of the Will or the provisions under the Intestacy Rules to be altered or redirected.  

A Deed of Variation can redirect a beneficiary’s part share or their entire share of the Estate to another individual or charity, which can help to save tax, most notably Inheritance Tax.

Early advice and assistance is essential when dealing with an Estate

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