Estate and Tax Planning Solicitors

We offer bespoke advice in respect of estate planning and implementation and all aspects of UK taxation, particularly Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax planning. We offer everything from a simple “health check”, such as advice on whether your family will be subject to Inheritance Tax in the event of your death, to sophisticated tax planning arrangements.

Our specialist tax advice

Tax and estate planning is essential and early specialist advice can save you substantial amounts of tax as well as bring you peace of mind. Our services include:

  • Advising on and preparing Inheritance Tax efficient wills.
  • Maximising Inheritance Tax exemptions and reliefs, including the making of outright gifts and gifts into trusts.
  • Creating trusts for tax purposes or to protect family members.
  • Post death tax planning including advising on and preparing deeds of variation.
  • Disposing of capital assets and maximising Capital Gains Tax exemptions and reliefs.
Concerned about Inheritance Tax?

Reducing your potential IHT liability brings with it a number of considerations and implications which we can advise and assist you with.  A careful analysis of your assets and income is essential.  You must also think carefully about who you might wish to benefit if you need to dispose of your assets and whether it is appropriate for the individual to receive an outright gift or become the beneficiary of a trust (particularly if that person is for whatever reason vulnerable).

You cannot afford not to get legal advice when it comes to estate and tax planning

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