Trust Solicitors

We specialise in all matters relating to trusts.  We can advise you on and create a new trust, act as trustee, administer your trust or we can review and advise you in respect of your existing trust. We can also advise both trustees and beneficiaries. 

Why create a trust?

Trusts, particularly when created in conjunction with a will, can provide flexibility and protection. Trusts can also be an effective way of minimising your Inheritance Tax liability, particularly if you wish to maintain control over the assets, are not yet sure which family member to benefit or wish to delay their entitlement. The flexibility which modern trusts provide make them a hugely attractive estate planning vehicle.  

How does a trust work?

As an individual you may transfer assets to trustees who will be responsible for managing those assets for the benefit of named individuals, a group of individuals or charities. They are governed by a specific set of rules and are treated independently for tax purposes. Modern trusts are generally very flexible and can be brought to an end at any time.

If you have any questions regarding a trust or need advice about estate planning

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