Property Dispute Solicitors

If you have a property dispute, it may seem daunting and complex but we have a highly experienced and skilled litigation team who can assist. We’ll explain the procedure in plain English not jargon and guide you through the various procedures.

Issues over ownership, rights of way, boundaries and tenancies

Whether you’re a business or a private individual, there are a range of issues that can arise in respect of your property and we can assist in respect of any of the following:

  • Rights in relation to rights of way, drainage and light.
  • Disagreements over boundaries
  • The rights of either the landlord or tenant in lease matters and possession proceedings.
  • Co-ownership where you live in the same property as the other joint owner. 

Cost effective and efficient solutions

In property disputes, it’s important to seek legal advice as early as possible. There are a range of options open to you to resolve these types of disputes and we’ll always look towards an alternative method to court in the first instance. If, however you do have to proceed to court then we’ll pursue your matter vigorously but cost effectively to get you the best possible result.

Early intervention and legal advice can make all the difference