Financial issues on Divorce and Separation

A number of options are available when it comes to resolving financial issues, including negotiation through solicitors, mediation, collaborative law, arbitration or court. Every situation is different and there is generally a range of possible outcomes in every case.

In assessing which option may be most appropriate, we seek first to listen to our clients, so as to understand their interests and needs.  Our priority is to assist our clients in reaching a financial settlement as quickly and fairly as possible, which can be converted into an order (upon divorce) or a separation agreement (upon separation).

We are experienced in handling the full range of financial issues that arise upon divorce and separation. Whilst, in some situations, advice may be required in relation to the family home, pensions or maintenance issues, we have considerable expertise in handling cases involving business assets, farms or trusts, including cases with an international dimension.

We have close links not only with leading local family law barristers, but also with the top London family law chambers. This means that we can provide our clients with the full range of expertise, tailored to their individual circumstances and needs - particularly where court proceedings are necessary.  

We offer a London-quality service, without the overheads that come with being based in London. Many of our clients work in London, and as such, we can arrange to see you in London. We are also able to offer appointments out of hours, where necessary.

There are situations where we need to act quickly on behalf of our clients to obtain urgent financial support or protection. We are skilled in acting promptly to obtain emergency financial remedies, such as interim maintenance or freezing orders.

We can meet with you at our offices in Chichester and Petworth.