Divorce and Separation Solicitors

The breakdown of a marriage or a relationship can be a very difficult and confusing time. Divorce or separation is one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life.  At Anderson Rowntree we are very experienced in helping people navigate their way through this period in a way that is clear, sensitive yet focused. We recognise that everyone’s situation is different and endeavour to provide a service that is appropriate to your needs and your situation.

We will support and guide you through the various options that are available to you in resolving the issues arising out of the end of your relationship. Above all, we will strive to help you to resolve matters without acrimony - and in a way that minimises the impact on others, particularly children.

Where children are involved, your first concern will be for their wellbeing. Please click here for further information on how we can assist you.

Some key concerns you may have include:

  • What your options are in terms of separation and divorce

Your options for resolving financial and other matters, including:

  • Negotiation through solicitors
  • Court

Some situations can present particular challenges, particularly where there are pensions, business assets or trusts or where there is an international dimension. We are experienced in handling the full range of financial issues that may arise.

We have strong links with other professionals who can assist you, including specialist family law barristers, accountants, financial advisors and counsellors.

There are situations where we need to act quickly on behalf of our clients to provide physical or financial protection. We are skilled in acting promptly, whether this is to obtain domestic violence injunctions to provide physical protection or to obtain emergency financial remedies.

We are members of Resolution, a nationwide organisation of family solicitors committed to resolving these issues in a constructive, conciliatory manner.

We can meet with you at our offices in Chichester and Petworth.

Useful links

Resolution www.resolution.org.uk

Relate (Marriage guidance counselling) www.relate.org.uk

The Child Support Agency www.gov.uk/child-maintenance/overview

Parenting after Parting www.resolution.org.uk/advice_for_parents/