Super mARio Superstars!

It was time once again for the sensible, upstanding members of Anderson Rowntree’s Chichester team to look thoroughly silly at the always highly competitive and hilarious annual Handlesbanken Table Football tournament.

The event took place last weekend at the Handelsbanken offices in North Street, Chichester. Businesses from across the area mixed networking with fun as they battled it out on the table football pitches.

Teams were once again allocated with countries to represent in appropriate costume. The theme this year was to tie in with the Women’s football world cup teams. Anderson Rowntree was selected as Italy and what more iconic symbol of a country with a vast and rich cultural heritage than…..Super mARio!

Donning the funny hats and dungarees were, from left to right:  Ian Owen, Commercial Property Solicitor,  Josh Foxon from the accounts team (any resemblance to Mario purely coincidental); Managing Partner, Will Stisted (ditto!) and Jane Hodge, Partner and Head of Family Law.

In front of us we faced the Jamaican bobsleigh team, assorted Norwegian Vikings, New Zealand All Blacks, some Thais, Canadians and Chinese.

Handlesbanken kept the Papa John’s pizzas and lager coming (Mario would have approved!) as the teams battled it out to discover who would be victorious this year.

Sadly, we were knocked out just before the Semis. We did a fantastic job but were beaten by some quite superior teams including Fludes (Thailand) and the eventual winners Carpenter Box (China).  They played each other in a tense final.

All in all: a great night.  Suggestions for next year’s outfits gratefully received!