Petworth Goes Out of this World via The Stables


It has been another great year at the Petworth Festival. Anderson Rowntree had the pleasure of hosting clients for two key events in this year's calendar.

With such an array of exceptional productions on offer, it was very difficult choosing just two events. Ultimately we opted for “Fly me to the Moon” and “Comedy in the Stables” with Julian Clary.

Fly Me to the Moon, directed by Richard Williams, celebrated to the day the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing in 1969. Author and presenter Lucy Hawking (Stephen Hawking’s daughter), Soprano and actor Sarah Gabriel, together with composer and pianist Joseph Atkins, explored the human journeys into space that the astronauts, cosmonauts and taikonauts have taken with them, alongside the evocative music. 

The show's musical score ranged from Schuman and Schubert to Pink Floyd. It was weaved with historical artefacts, as well as the voice of Stephen Hawkings and some recently revealed secrets from NASA. It was a mesmerising, fascinating and wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

Comedy in the Stables was certainly an evening to remember and couldn't have been more different in style.

Julian Clary is one of the UK’s most popular and distinctive comedians and his stand up show did not disappoint. Fans from far and wide descended on Petworth for his side-splitting and often innuendo-driven performance. The event was held in the Stable yard of the iconic Petworth House, which added to the night!

Clients and guests were hosted by Alastair Sinclair (Partner), Siobhan Perrigo (Associate) and Rebecca Foxall (Associate) from the Petworth office for pre-show drinks and nibbles. All in all both evenings were a great success and again reminded us of how lucky we are to be part of a community such as Petworth.

The Petworth Festival runs until the 3rd August 2019 so be sure to join in the fun, if you can find a ticket that is!

Bring on 2020!