Nose Picking for Comic Relief!

It was red noses all round at the Chichester office as we once again got into the nasal spirit in support of Comic Relief on Friday 15th March. 

Tension rose as the lucky dip (or should that be drip, for a nose?) arrived and each team member drew out their nose for the day. 

Each nose came with its own name - but modesty forbids us to report who had  "hairy nostroll" and "wolf nose". We have it on good authority that the other noses you can see here include  Honkus Ponkus, The Gnose, Hairy, Snufflekins, Nosediva, Conk Jester, Schnoz III, The Abominable Snoseman.

Sadly, we didn't get the rarest noses of all: Hoppy Hooter for which you have a 1 in 840 chance of finding and the Ultra Rare Nose The Transforminos - just a 1 in 8400 chance in finding.

The Chichester office raised £70 in all. Fortunately, this was the only kind of nose picking that happened during the day!